Campaign for Fair Welfare

Increase Job Seekers Allowance to meet living costs

The Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) is currently far below the poverty line and doesn't even cover food and bills.  At the moment it is difficult for people to even maintain their health on JSA, and people are often going without food or heating.

The evidence shows that the public expect JSA to meet living costs [1].  

We are calling for the Job Seekers Allowance to be increased to meet basic living costs and in line with current basic support for those that cannot work due to old age or disability. 

"Im working hard on jobhunting and making applications, but not being able to eat properly, exercise or socialise makes it really hard to feel upbeat.  I can't afford smart clothes or shoes for interviews."

"After a life of hard work and paying my National Insurance, I am FURIOUS that JSA puts me in such poverty. It doesn't even cover living costs"

People moving from welfare into work to be paid a fair wage

We want to abolish work for your benefit/workfare schemes in the UK.

People selling their labour should be fairly paid for their work, at the normal level paid for the tasks they perform, and treated in the same way as a standard employee with full rights and representation if requested.

Workfare is effectively forced labour and is therefore illegal in the UK.  

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"Employers find improved motivation and performance, and lower leaver and absentee rates amongst staff on the living wage"

Overall Aims

The Fair Welfare campaign is calling for a welfare system which [2]:

  • acts as a safety net to prevent anyone in the UK living in poverty
  • is transparent and flexible, so that everyone can understand what they’re entitled to and how to claim it
  • features good decision-making and administration to ensure people get the money they’re entitled to quickly and efficiently
  • supports people to move into appropriate work, and makes work pay a fair wage
  • ensures more people receive the benefits and tax credits to which they are entitled
  • gives everyone access to affordable, secure homes



[3] Photo credit to Nomadic Lass through creative commons